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Watch almost any series or movie legally and in HD with the video streaming app Stremio. Access content from all the big names in media like Netflix, HBO, Twitch, YouTube, iTunes, and more all in once place.

Although Stremio has an absolutely massive catalog, it's easy to use and navigate. Use the filters to discover a world of possibilities, searching by genre or type of content to access dozens of results, and watch as much as you want directly from your Android device. Select any title on Stremio to see a description, IMDb score, length, director, and other relevant information. Scroll down for a list of links where you can watch it legally, each one with a price and quality.

Stremio is perfect if there's just a couple shows you want to watch from a streaming service. For example, instead of subscribing to Netflix or HBO, just purchase the specific shows you want directly. Once you've decided to purchase the content, you'll have unlimited access, including subtitles, from any device.
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